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New Beaverhill Pioneer Lodge
April 23, 2018
The Lamont County Housing Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of the new Beaverhill Pioneer Lodge in Lamont, Alberta.

Fifty-five new and affordable Senior Housing units are now available at the new Beaverhill Pioneer Lodge in central Alberta town of Lamont. The senior residence offers increased flexibility to seniors in the level of care they can access and allows them to remain close to their families and communities.
The project in the town 60 kilometers east of Edmonton, was realized with a combined investment of $11 million by the federal and provincial governments, under the Investment in Affordable Housing 2014-2019 Agreement.
The new Beaverhill Pioneer Lodge replaces the existing facility, with capacity increasing from 36 to 55 units.

Beaverhill Pioneer Lodge
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Hairdresser is available by appointments every Thursday
Church Services - at Beaverhill Pioneer Lodge
Church Services are provided at the Beaverhill Pioneer Lodges.
Church Services - Every Tuesday at 9:30am
On a rotation basis a different denomination church service is performed at the Beaverhill Pioneer Lodge.

  • United Church
  • Russian Orthodox
  • Ukrainian Catholic
  • Bruderheim Community
  • Roman Catholic
Church Services - at Father Filas Manor
Every Saturday morning the Father Filas Manor holds a Mass service.
Rosary every Wednesday
Father Filas Manor holds a Rosary session every Wednesday afternoon.
Exercise Programs
Held Every Monday and Tuesday at 10:30 am
Exercise Programs
Exercise programs are held twice a week and are designed to ensure that all residents are able to participate.

They consist of chair exercises, hand weights, ball toss and breathing exercises.
Floor Curling
Starting at 1:00pm every Wednesday at the Horizon Seniors Drop in Centre
Sing Alongs
Come and enjoy the fun

  • Sing Along every Friday at 1pm
  • Sing Along Every Saturday Evening
Card Games - Twice a Week at Lodges
The resident's get to play a variety of card games twice a week. These include "Card Bingo", "Crazy 8's" and "Kinasta" are some of the games that are played.
Board Games - Once a Week at the Lodges
The resident's get to play a variety of board games once a week. These include "Tile Rummy", "Crib" an, "Horse Racing" are some of the games that are played.