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Our Mission Statement
We believe that every individual is unique and has a right to maintain his/her independence with dignity and pride.

We commit ourselves to provide safe, quality and affordable group housing to those in need, and offer an environment which promotes equality, an enhanced healthy lifestyle, in a cost-effective manner.

Lamont County Housing Foundation is managed by a seven-member board with Representatives from the following Jurisdictions:

  • Lamont County - 2 representatives
  • Town of Lamont - 1 representative
  • Town of Bruderheim - 1 representative
  • Village of Chipman - 1 representative
  • Village of Andrew - 1 representative
  • Town of Mundare - 1 representative
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First established on February 18, 1961 under Bylaw #222, the Lamont County Housing Foundation (formerly known as County of Lamont Foundation), operating under the Alberta Housing Act, was established as a Management Body under Ministerial Order #H:075/96 on October 1, 1996.

The purpose for the establishment of a Management Body is to assume overall responsibility for the provision of affordable housing and/or accommodation to Seniors’ who are functionally independent and are able to access on an as need only, personal care and other health services from Alberta Health Services, Community Home Care Staff. The Management Body’s role is to develop policies and guidelines which can be used to guide the organization in its various activities. This role is more clearly defined in the General Bylaws.

In addition to taking a lead role in the provision of affordable housing for its various community stakeholders, the Board also undertakes to work closely with Alberta Seniors and Housing, other Government Ministries including Federal, CMHC, First Nations, ASCHA, non-profit housing providers and other stakeholders as required/necessary in order to address housing need and to build capacity for its community.
Board Of Directors and Staff
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Our Board Of Directors Effective September 2023
Board Members
Roy Anaka
A representative for the Lamont County
Tammy Pickett
A representative for the Village of Andrew.
Glen Rozumniak
A representative for the Town of Mundare.
Karl Hauch
A representative for the Town of Bruderheim.
Neil Woitas
A representative for the Lamont County
Linda Sieker
A representative for the Town of Lamont
Shana McIntyre
A representative for the Village of Chipman
Our Staff
Kimberly DeSouza
Lodge Manager
Phone: 780-895-2573, Fax 780-895-2900
Amber Gregg
Lodge Manager
Phone: 780-764-3013, Fax: 780-764-2056